The first consultation will take about an hour. This gives you an opportunity to discuss your health concerns in a safe, confidential and non judgmental environment. You will be asked to provide details about many aspects of your life such as sleep pattern, emotional state, how you cope with stress, personal and family medical history. Many people find it a therapeutic process in itself to explore, with a sympathetic listener, the factors that have led to their current health difficulties.
At the end of the consultation we can discuss what needs to be focussed on, and select the homeopathic remedies that closely match your unique pattern of symptoms. A follow up appointment will be made so that you can give feedback on the effect of the remedies. This is usually in 4-6 weeks time, depending on your individual needs.
You can also book a taster consultation to find out in more detail if homeopathy is right for you.

This depends very much on what sort of illness you have, as well as the other individual characteristics of your case. It is not realistic for an assessment of this until it can be seen how you respond to the remedies prescribed over some time.
As a ‘rule of thumb’ it is possible to say that a slowly developing complaint, or one that has been experienced for some years will take time to respond, but there may be some improvement quite soon. Other acute complaints may get better more quickly.
Homeopathy cures from the inside, and often outer symptoms are the last to disappear.
Remember that every case is different and no two patient are alike.